Donate to get LBSL research across the finish line!  image

Donate to get LBSL research across the finish line!

Your gift is trippled by an angel donor:)

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Cure LBSL #Giving Tuesday Campaign

The research team at Kennedy Krieger Institute has identified gene targeted drug therapies that could halt progression of LBSL. To help speed up this process, two anonymous donors (our Angel donors) have agreed to support us with matching donations. On Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, all donations to Cure LBSL will be matched not just once by Facebook, and not just twice, but three times, up to $1 million!!!! Yes - $1 million. This will help hire more researchers to accelerate the work in the lab, keep all the cell samples and animal models alive, and pay for all the equipment needed to run these crucial experiments. You can read about it here.

We are in a race against time to save what ability Ellie and her LBSL friends have left. This #GivingTuesday our whole campaign will be about getting us across the finish line for this effort.

Please stay with us in this fight. We need you! Ellie's name isn't front and center anymore but her ability to walk is still on the line.